Tried several remedies posted, it took a new PCM to fix it

by mikeland357 - 1/17/11 4:33 PM

In Reply to: stalling at speeds over 65MPH by jsg13

I had replaced the distributor cap, plug wires, spark plugs, rotor button, battery terminals, and oil pressure sending unit. I checked and cleaned all the connectors I could find and replaced the Torx screws on the PCM board as suggested in this post. Nothing seemed to fix it for long (a few days at best and a hundred or less miles). I even took it to the dealership and had them take a look. They said I needed a new fuel pump and recommended a new cranshaft sensor; I refused the work because I thought they were full of it; I paid them $85 and left. I ended up buying a new PCM from and called a different dealership; the service manager told me to go ahead and install it but leave the old plugged in in order to drive it over. I did and they flashed it/programmed it for $89, That was a few weeks ago and 500+ miles later it is still running perfect. I discovered that you MUST get a dealership toflash the PCM because of security in order to flash the odometer reading and VIN number. It was well worth it.