It would be fantastic if an experienced mechanic that has co

spoken like a true union worker. this country was built on lending a hand to the fellow man....if dealerships didn't charge so ******* much and stick it to you maybe more people would bring their **** in as opposed to fixing it themselves. $120 an hour shop time? and half the time all you people do is throw parts at a car till you figure it out. stop your bitching and stay off sites like this and keep your face buried in your "$50,000" tool collection and mind your own business. i almost cant believe i wasted time responding to your lame ass. ships tires and rims to china separate only to have them mount and balance them and then ship them back across seas because its cheaper than paying union workers like you, $35 hr to do something you can train an ape to do. your post helped absolutely no one. way to waste time....and more than likely you were probably at work when you posted that garbage.