by TOYSinSF - 1/3/11 9:23 AM

In Reply to: I agree with Bob... by boya84

Thanks for the information. You are obviously more familiar with the Canon product line than the folks I spoke to at the Canon 800 number <G>.

Let me elaborate on what I am trying to do.

I want to conceal the camera in a "blind" and have the ability of remotely switch from shooting videos and flash still pictures without having to go out and touch the controls on the camera and disturbing the birds.

I am approximately 15 - 20 ft from the camera so should be OK with the distance
limitations of IR. I can also position the blind so that I am facing the front of the camera for line of site to IR receiver.

What I was told by the person at Canon was that none of their remotes allow for taking still pictures (but my impression is they really were not very familiar with the product line)

If this is true are there any combinations of camcorders and LANC remotes that would let me switch back and forth from taking videos and stills remotely. Looking at the LANC remotes I found online it looks would be pretty easy to build an extension to lengthen the chord if one is not already available commercially