Re: Two sides to every story

by whereismyblackbird - 12/31/10 6:08 PM

In Reply to: Two sides to every story by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I recently bought a Samsung "Internet" TV also, and I'm debating whether and how to return it through Amazon. It's looking like Sony is the way to go. When I called Samsung customer support today, after failing to get my questions answered using live chat, I received the same runaround on the phone. It was almost as if both people were being intentionally vague and non-responsive to my questions about internet connectivity. Then I read the above response and I sensed the same attitude. I don't think your CEO would want you debating with disappointed customers over the merits of their purchases. Are you saying that Samsung has enough customers already and the rest of us should go to Sony? Here's the deal -- when you advertise "internet connectivity", you must conclude that your advertisement is disingenuous if it leads the customer to believe something different. If you had written on the box what your brand couldn't do, then we both know that you would have lost the sale. For example, you would have never put the Sony comparison on your box. I only saw it after being disappointed with my purchase. Here's the bottom line: It's your choice to limit connectivity to just the apps that you're pushing. Your company can easily update the firmware to provide better internet connectivity for little cost compared to how much more competitive you will be in the long run. It's your choice.