same problems with black pandigital

by mwereader - 12/28/10 4:32 PM

In Reply to: Pandigital white ereader questions by raecarr

I followed the instructions in the user guide and when I open Adobe Digital Edition and connect my ereader to the computer, it is listed as an authorized device and I can drag a book to it, and ON THE PC it looks like the book is now in my ereader (it shows all the other books in my library, plus the one I copied using ADE).

But it is not in "My Library". Using the directions in the user guide, I tapped on the date/title/author prompts in My Library and there should be a drop down listing Adobe (or "ADE", not sure) but there is not.

I also cannot download the firmware update at the pandigital site, and of course I can't get them on the phone and they are not responding to email. I have tried the download 7 times now, and each time it gets hung up and eventually my Windows 7 message comes on telling me there is an unsolvable problem and they will close the program.

Any ideas? Or is this a piece of junk I need to just return? I only want it if I can read books from my library on it. Thanks.