Same Symptoms - Any luck Fixing?

by d-shot - 12/23/10 4:43 PM

In Reply to: V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stalling by mannukaden

99 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 - I have many of the problems that everyone else has posted. I couldn't pass smog and when I went to mechanic, they told me it was my IAC Motor. Paid $200 and replaced that and still kept tripping "check engine" light. Took it to Jeep Dealership and they told me my PCM was bad. Paid $800 to replace that, and had no problem passing smog. Weeks later, we began to experience the intermittent stalling. I replaced crankshaft sensor, and had no luck. Called Jeep Dealership and they told me that if the PCM was bad, it would throw a check engine light.... I am taking it back to them and having them troubleshoot the PCM. Never had stall problem until they replaced PCM.