by artglick - 12/17/10 2:28 PM

In Reply to: Re: IE8 by Ondrej_AVG


I've downloaded MSIE 8.

I'm running the latest version of AVG (version 10 - Free Edition 2011).

I have verified that I have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

I can even right click on a PDF link and open it just fine in a separate MSIE 8 window, but when I left click on the link to open it in the same window, it crashes MSIE. Sometimes it closes MSIE with an error, sometimes it sits for the longest time and then returns the referring page, as if I never even clicked on the PDF link!

Not sure how to bring up a list of browser plug-ins. Be happy to do so, if you can tell me. Aside from the latest free AVG, I'm running Zone Alarm, and that's about it.

This problem is observed on more than one PC, with both MSIE 7 and MSIE 8.

Please help!