Disable Anynet+ with Cable TV

I recently purchased a HT-C6900W along with a Samsung C8000 series 3D/LED/LCD television. I connected my cable set top box to the HT's HDMI Input 1 and the television HDMI Input 1 to the HT's HDMI Out. (As described on page 24 of the user manual).

When I turn on all three components (with my set top box programmable remote) the television remembers that input 1 was last selected however the HT-C6900W resets back to "D-In" after briefly displaying "HDMI.IN1". I must then grab the HT remote and select the correct source "HDMI.IN1" to view content from my set top box.

After a couple of days of frustration, then searching through the Internet as well my wife contacting Samsung tech support, I read this thread and played around with disabling the Anynet+ feature of the Home Theater.

The result is that I can now use the set top box remote to turn-on all three components and HT will default to the last used input.

In my opinion Anynet+ and CEC features in general have significant shortcomings, I can't blame the manufacturers too much, but the manuals and other tech data should have a bit more more detail regarding the operation.