by rynosac - 12/12/10 7:22 PM

In Reply to: cat5 by nvltgo

the fact is there are certain manufactures that are building junk."lemons" if you will. are they doing this on purpose? most so-called mechanics are not trained to fix any of the garbage they are working on. these vehicles have way to many problems. you can't compare junk cars to computers and mechanics to computer technicians. a mechanic should tell you up front if he is not likely able to fix a certain problem from the get go. the fact is that a lot of so-called mechanics throw parts at your car until they figure it out. that isn't cheap. point is you get screwed by purchasing the car in the first place. then you take it to some one who tells you what the problem is and how much it will cost when most of the time they are not shure. then what they said will fix it doesn't. and then well it wasn't that it has to be this.if you read any of the comments it is pretty easy to see the pattern. a lot of money spent and nothing getting fixed. if you can't fix it don't call yourself a mechanic and don't touch it in the first place. if mechanics are such good people maybe they wouldn't charge you if the vehicle doesn't get fixed. lawyers don't charge you if they don't win the case! well good ones don't anyway. see my point? we just want what we are paying for. not a bunch of b-s!not all real mechanics are bad, but they didn't get the rep they have for no reason. you and i and everyone else know this. so speak for yourself cause i was not born yesterday.i have owned quite a few cars. my toyotas for instance had very few problems.the ones they had were never catastrophic like most of your domestic "named" cars i have owned.toyotas are made in america. the other guys moved to mexico or use parts from mexico and other third world countries.i know quite a few people that work for g.m. and chrysler. the stories i have heard about they're practices would spin your head. using rejected parts so they don't have to slow down the production lines are a drop in the bucket.i'm guessing the training that they're mechanics get can't be much better than the junk they put out. just compare the recall statistics. that alone will convince any idiot.