That just doesn't make sense...

I'm sorry, but this seems backwards to me, and it's inconsistent with how the prior year's model operated under AnyNet+.

My HTIB (HT-C6730W, which Samsung provided as a replacement to a defective HT-BD3252) has a "dual" function in that it provides both surround sound for audio INPUT and also has a BluRay player that produces audio/video OUTPUT. It makes logical sense that the HDMI out from my cable box (carrying both audio and video) would be connected as input to the HTIB, and that the HTIB would then provide video output (via HDMI) to my Samsung television (and send audio output to its own speakers). The solution you describe, wherein the HDMI out from the cable box would be connected directly to the television and then use optical cabling for audio OUTPUT from television INPUT to the HTIB presents a problem - how then does one view BluRay/DVD? How does one use the included iPod cradle? For these to work you'd now require an additional HDMI cable providing video output from the HTIB to the television. That seems foolish.

The HT-BD3252 which preceded this unit, while it had MANY problems, did not have this problem of failing to recognize that it has a perfectly good input signal at power-up and therefore no reason to switch away from HDMI1 to D.IN.

For what's its worth, there are at least two other very annoying firmware related problems with the HT-C6730W. First, it always (loudly) plays its power-on chime when it's been shut off BD mode (after playing a movie for example). Second, it frequently ignores signals from the remote control (or any remote control, I've tried several) which it's clear are being received by its kindred Samsung television (since the television has a red light which flashes when IR signals are received). I've also noted, as has another writer, that the on-screen display for volume level inconsistently appears.

I absolutely love my Samsung television (LN46B750). At this point I'm advising everyone who asks to steer clear of Samsung for BluRay/DVD components. In two separate model years the firmware has been a mess and problems appear to perpetuate.