In response to giggles815 and Aamco

by mantonmark - 12/3/10 12:38 AM

In Reply to: HAD THE SAME PROBLEM by giggles815

I noticed that you had the same problem where your Jeep would stall and Aamco talked you into a rebuilt tranny. You then said you are still having the same problem...... duh... sounds like Aamco took advantage of you and conned another unsuspecting soul. Take your car back to them and demand your money back..... it wont do any good but it might make you feel better. Isn't it funny no sad that you take your car that probably has some sort of electrical issue to a transmission shop and they tell you that your problem lies within the transmission and yep you need a new one. Please please please get a second opinion especially when it comes to major bucks as in a new or rebuilt transmission.