95 Grand Cherokee "No Spark"

by jeepecmwoes - 11/27/10 4:38 PM

In Reply to: Me too by baraka03e8

I have a 95 Grand Cherokee 4.0. It died as if someone had pulled the coil wire.

I found that there was no spark and replaced the following;
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Pickup Coil
Coil Wire

No change. I also noticed a clicking coming from the fuel pump relay so I replaced relays and fuses.

Still, cranks, but no start, no spark...In addition the speedometer was reading 10 mph with key in on position.

Replace ECM. Still, no change. Yes it was programmed.

Midas, by the way, diagnosed the ECM issue and told me I need a new one. $500 later, the condition is unchanged. They (Midas) is now saying the ECM is not communicating.

Help! Please. tobyrist@gmail.com