why VTEC-E is no longer legal to produce

by vanbccomment - 11/20/10 1:08 PM

In Reply to: My non-Hybrid Honda Civic got 72 mpg... by Skyhawk007

please see recently posted 47/48 post at bottom of this thread. The VTEC-E was a lean-burn motor which by definition produces excess NOx emissions.

NOx emissions have tightened since the early-mid-90s and are now to the point where lean-burn is no longer a viable means of operating an engine.

NOx is a primary contributor to smog.

now that smog is less of an issue in the US, is it conceivable ???? that future NOx emissions standards are relaxed in order to allow small engines to be produced with a modicum of lean-burn and its resultant NOx emissions?

perhaps motors that are 1.4L and smaller need to be encouraged, and those tiny motors, will gain an automatic 50% mpg increase when the motor shifts into lean-burn mode.

the populace has to decide what is more important, extreme fuel efficiency, or air-borne smog.