Autozone PCM

by jsadamson - 11/18/10 6:49 PM

In Reply to: $$$ by mctrog007

As much as I love Autozone, I would not recommend purchasing their PCM's. I have done a lot of research on this problem as my JGC is a secondary car and I have the time to do so. What I have found out is people who get them from the dealership or parts store have limited luck with how long it solves the problem. There have been some reviews of people who have purchased it from a company called Auto Computer Exchange. Google it or they also have an Ebay store. So far it seems they offer a fully rebuilt PCM instead of a remanufactured PCM. The difference is a rebuilt unit has all new internal guts while a reman unit only has new parts that didnt pass inspection. This means its still half old and could cause problems. Based on peoples experiences these problems do happen within about a 6 month or less time frame. The Auto Computer Exchange also offers a 14 day refund and 1 year warranty. I am purchasing mine in the next day or so and will write my results on this forum and the others I have been following. Best of Luck!!