You may not be able to...

by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 11/6/10 3:17 PM

In Reply to: Seeking old versions of iPhone apps by mrengy

In short:

1.) Apple only permits iPhone owners to download software from the iTunes store, for which Apple collects a fee from the developer. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone, you cannot download from other sources. Thus, CNET simply links to the iTunes store, knowing that it is the only option for most iPhone owners.

2.) It is the developer's responsibility to keep the application's listing on CNET Downloads updated. If the developer does not, you may find listings for old versions if the application, which the developer may no longer offer.

Thus, the bad news is you may not be able to find and download the old version for your phone. At least you have a better understanding of the issues you've encountered, though.