Overall I'm happy

by rednroll - 11/3/10 5:00 PM

In Reply to: Two sides to every story by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Overall, I'm happy with the TV. This is just one annoyance that I will have to learn to work around.

The end goal here is to make life simpler by offering more functionality and flexibility in one device, that would give each and every one of us options on how we would like to use our TV. My home theater includes a Harman/Kardon surround sound receiver and Infinity speakers, a Sony PS3, a Nintendo Wii and a DVD player. They're all connected together via HDMI connections except for the Wii. They are all networked on a Network switch and connect to the web via my network router. My home theater setup is already very complicated, when you think of all the Audio/Video and Network connections made between the separate devices, where I'm trying to reduce all the wires and clutter, while at the same time maintain the most flexibility and functionality. Things like not offering a web browser option on a TV which has internet connectivity makes life more complicated, in that now I have to connect 2 separate devices and power on 2 separate devices for a single functionality of being able to watch streaming video of "My Choice" from the provider of "My Choice".

This limitation either seems kind of short sighted on Samsung's part or it's an intentional design limitation driven by sales by limiting the streaming video option doors via "partnerships". Samsung seems pretty innovative and forward thinking, so I strongly believe the later is the case. I know you mentioned internal memory limitations as a concern earlier but I have a hard time believing that my new 7100 series Samsung TV which is capable of doing real-time 3D simulation video processing has less internal memory to work with than my iPhone 3GS which does offer a web browser with web based streaming video capabilities. FYI, I'm an electrical engineer....so I know better.

I won't demonstrate my disappointment by returning my Samsung TV like you suggested, but I will demonstrate it by refusing to use any of the services of all Samsung streaming media "partnership" providers which seem to include Netflix, Blockbuster,VUDU, Hulu, and CinemaNow and I will recommend to others to do the same.

Thank you for your replies. Although, they may not be what I would like to hear, they are still appreciated.