I did not take the dealership advice and I agree:stay away!

by mikeland357 - 11/3/10 9:37 AM

In Reply to: dont go to the dealership by 97jeep

I did take my jeep to the dealership yesterday. They wanted to sell me a $660 fuel pump and 2.5 hours of labor. OMG, are you kidding me? (It's between $100 and $150 after-market). Per my insistance, they supposedly checked the fuel pressure and it was low. (don't ya think a clogged fuel filter might casue that instead of a bad pump?) They also had the nerve to tell me the Crank sensor should be replaced even though their own diagnostics said it was OK. I would not allow them to replace anything. Paid them $85 for nothing and left. Get this: they actually told me that the service tech tapped on the gas tank when it was running rough and it started running better thus their reasoning for trying to screw me out of $1,000. I brought it home and backed out the 2 torx screws mentioned in earlier posts and added a bottle of Lucas Complete Fuel System treatment ($10). Not sure which one did it but I have driven a lot the last two days and so far so good.