same problem

by mikeland357 - 10/31/10 6:52 PM

In Reply to: Might be the PCM by JGC-GTA

I have a 97 JGC w/ the same problem. It happened a bout 3 months ago and I did a complete tune up: plugs, plug wires, dist. cap, rotor button, and cleaned the throttle body really well. No problems since until last week, now it is doing it again. I replaced the coil and it did not help. I can disconnect the battery for a few hours and it will run good for a while but the problem returns. I understand that Jeep recalled the PCMs to be re-programmed about 2 years ago. So that is my next step, to find out if the previous owner took it in the recall service. By the way, a new PCM is $178 at AutoZone or Advance Auto.