Thanks for the additional suggestions!

by elliehowe - 10/30/10 9:30 PM

In Reply to: Depends on what you REALLY want. by Flatworm


Thank you for the additional suggestions! I'll look at both of those. I've heard about Picasso but didn't know what it was used for, and I have seen many references to GIMP over the years but also didn't know what it did. I am really looking for a simple program. I take pictures of stuff to sell on EBAY and pictures of family, friends, and so on. I really need the crop, change brightness and contrast features. Very basic stuff! ;o)

And Flatworm, thanks for the new word for my vocabulary -- "Photoshopping." I guess it's better than saying I'll be GIMPing my pictures...right?

Thanks again for your help. I really LOVE these forums!