I just wanted to Add....

Here's a review posted on Amazon from someone else. So it seems not only is Samsung head strong on not providing a web browser they're actively trying to keep all doors closed to prevent others from doing it also.


I just purchased series 7000 40 HD TV and part of the hype is ability to stream video to it. Well after getting it, the software and tools samsung provides stink, but samsung in their wisdom uses open source and other third party tools lime Samygo was availble. Works great and samsung does have a good picture. Well - the firmware version on TV was 1016 and SamyGo worked fine, until another feature called auto firmware update on TV started. It asked if I wanted to update, sure why not. The TV downloaded via my network and installed 1017 firmware.

The 1017 not only blocked ability to revert back to 1016, but encrpyted all widgets and USB add on's like SamyGo. So Samsung has decided to let their developers cripple use of third party tools and enhancements. Not only have they done this, their tools don't work anymore and they WILL NOT help you if you call.

This TV is worth NO MORE than $700.oo - don;t buy this and stay away from SAMSUNG - Sorry SAMSUNG you make great TV's but your lack of support and process of stopping people from added functionality is just STUPID.