No such thing as Not limiting selections and partnerships

by rednroll - 10/29/10 12:25 PM

In Reply to: You are correct... by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I don't want anyone feeling like they got taken or have "forced limitations". Clearly, there was a different expectation than what Internet@TV is. Samsung is not "limiting your selections", but rather trying to implement Apps and work with partnerships. If you're unhappy, do what makes you happiest.

By creating "Partnerships" that's EXACTLY what you are doing is limiting people's selections. There is no way to separate the 2 from each other like you are describing.

My Sammy TV has a digital Tuner connection. You don't have partnerships with Comcast, Direct TV,WOW, AT&T or DISH Network which makes me have to limit my selection to only those providers, but you some how think it's ok to limit my selections to Netflix, Blockbuster,VUDU, Hulu, CinemaNow in regards to streaming video providers through the internet connection???

I currently have a work around. I have a "SONY" PS3 connected to my SAMMY TV through HDMI and that has a Web Browser and also connects to the NET. I can even install a Linux OS and install Linux supported apps of my choice on the PS3. Or I could fire up one of my Laptops and connect that with an HDMI connection to the Sammy TV. But Why should I have to???

I'll let the market push Samsung in the direction of what people want on their TVs and what they want to do with their TV. Sony TV's now have a built in Web Browser and I'm sure Panasonic will follow along. I'm pretty certain Samsung will be forced to follow along or chose to fall behind. When you fall behind you might want to consider making the folks at SammyGO one of your partners, because as can be seen in this video below, this is the type of stuff that some of us would like to do with our $2000-$3000 Samsung TV with Internet connectivity we just purchased.

The only reason I even know "SammyGO" exists is because I Googled "Internet Browser app for Samsung TV" after I couldn't find one in the Samsumg App store.

I'll also further add, that Apple has "Partnerships" with all these same providers as Samsung, but my iPhone has a Safari Web Browser, as well as other 3rd party Web Browser options are available through Apple's iTunes store. Apple/iTunes has the same business model that Samsung is trying to follow. If Samsung isn't there with their App Store or found a developer to create a web browser for the Samsung TV, then that's fine but it's about time Samsung does get there, because once more people start buying Samsung TVs and find out there is no web browser app available, the more people will start to get upset and be looking to purchase from alternative manufactures.

Thanks for reading.