You are correct...

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 10/28/10 4:52 PM

In Reply to: No Browser app?? Really?? by rednroll

I should probably quantify that.

No browser is advertised on the Samsung televisions for 2010 or before.

Interesting. I noticed that there weren't any flash player or video streaming in that youtube video, or how many websites you can visit before the internal memory is filled with website clutter (cookies, etc) so I'm not sure if you're able to view movies there either.

There was no browser advertised, nor "surf the web" marketing. The Samsung Apps are that - applications that run within the television. If you're unhappy, don't feel duped. Get something that best fits your needs while you're still within the return policy. The option to connect your PC through either the 15-pin monitor cable, or through even HDMI these days exists, so that option may or may not work as a solution for you.

I don't want anyone feeling like they got taken or have "forced limitations". Clearly, there was a different expectation than what Internet@TV is. Samsung is not "limiting your selections", but rather trying to implement Apps and work with partnerships. If you're unhappy, do what makes you happiest.