I recommend against that...

by John.Wilkinson Moderator - 10/28/10 3:16 PM

In Reply to: Help, my windows 7 won't do a backup. by dngeis

Assuming the last backup was performed before these problems began, I would not delete it as you may need to use it in order to resolve the current issue without reformatting and starting over. Even in the best case, it's a backup of your files you should not surrender until you have another recent backup of those files.

Since HP's maintenance program identified file corruption, I would start by running System File Checker per these instructions. You'll want to have your Windows 7 DVD ready in case it is requested. In addition, I would verify that the external hard drive has sufficient room for another full backup and try using a different backup media to see if it is the utility or the hard drive that is the issue.


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