No Browser app?? Really??

by rednroll - 10/28/10 2:47 PM

In Reply to: Any way to run a browser on Samsung LED TV 7100 by iduate

I just purchased a Samsung 55" LED 3D TV UN55C7100. I was so excited to get a TV that would connect to the internet because the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my PC to watch TV, when my living room where my Samsung TV is located, is much more comfortable and has a complete surround sound system. The 1st thing I did was go to the Samsung app store and was shocked that there was no internet browser app. available for this Samsung TV. I love this TV but I now feel duped.

Internet connectivity without an internet browser is like having telephone service without a telephone hand set.

Things like YouTube apps are fine and dandy, but I want access to other streaming video services besides YouTube, Netflix,etc and the way that is done is by use of a browser. It feels like I'm being forced to limit my selections of what I can watch by Samsung.

I'm guessing the SourceForge shareware programming folks share my desires, because it seems they have created firmware called SamyGO to do exactly what I described on Samsung TVs, but the last thing I want to do is hack my new TV.
See Here:

I want to be able to view streaming video from websites such as and

My iPhone has a web browser, my Sony PS3 has a web browser, and my PC has a web browser. So why doesn't my new Samsung TV which connects to the same internet as all these other electronic devices have a web browser? Please tell me there is a solution coming soon because the only use I've gotten from connecting my Samsung TV to the net so far is installing the latest software updates from Samsung.