Mark! Eureka! Thank You!

by elliehowe - 10/25/10 7:14 PM

In Reply to: Try Irfanview by MDFlax Moderator

I've downloaded Irfanview and spent the last hour using it to practice editing and try out all of the buttons. You're right that it does a lot more than what I need, but I can happily ignore those features for now and stick to the basics -- right there, easy to learn, easy to use--for my various projects. Eureka!

And yes, it's free! I am always grateful that people are so willing to share their programs with the world for free, and I'm a little curious as to why they do it as well. But I did see the "make a donation" icon so will definitely do that.

Mark, thank you again for your alacrity in replying and for suggesting that I try Irfanview. As I said in my first post, CNET Forums and their members--especially Mark--are the BEST! (Sorry, Mark, but I'm too old to say, "You ROCK!")