Which DVD-Audio player are you using, and how connected?

by Pepe7 - 10/13/10 6:54 AM

In Reply to: how do i get 96/24 audio? by alwool

Again, like you discovered after three years to get DTS, it helps to know what player you are using so we cover all the bases/settings wink. In forums like this you really need to be much more specific and verbose in the information you include when asking about A/V systems and their capabilities. It would really help to know how your components are connected and the settings/cabling options you have already tried.

My gut feeling is you may be required to use multi-channel analog cables in order to be able to enjoy the more 'proprietary' DTS 96/24 via DVD-A. Even though it's a lossy format this still may be what HK implements in your case on the AVR 146. I'm not 100% certain however. Take a quick look at the table on p.21 of the user manual online here-