make a dvd disc

by H18KML - 10/12/10 8:59 AM

In Reply to: Pinnacle studio 7 by sage444

this is not a free program, visit they offer a free 14 day trial.
incidentally I made a mistake on the version I use its the Studio ultimate version 11.
Buying the program (software) will cost new appro ?60, but its well worth the money.
Aslong as your computer meets the requirements and you have a dvd read/rom/write drive all you need is the software. Another way would be to check out Ebay for different versions current version is 14, but would imagine you could get my version much cheaper.
I have used my version on windows xp, vista, and currently on windows 7 with no problems.Another software program I have used is Magix Photos on CD and DVD also with very good results, but prefer Pinnacle for ease of drag and drop. good luck Ken.
incidently studio allows you to connect your cam corder directly to the computer upload the film to the program, then you can cut out all the crap, add music, voice over and the rest,this is really what the program is intended for, but works just a well with photos into a slide show.