by timsheils2003 - 9/2/10 1:57 PM

In Reply to: Panasonic TC-P50V10 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

Thanks much for the settings but I saw the following differences when I pulled up my menu on my 58 inch v10.

I am using your settings (except for the HD size which I am unable to change)but wondered if you'd change any of the listed items that are not grayed out on mine.

Block NR: Off [grayed out] -not grayed out on mine
Mosquito NR: Off [grayed out] -not grayed out on mine
3:2 pulldown: Off [grayed out]not grayed out on mine
24p Direct in: 60Hz [or 96Hz with 1080p/24 sources] -grayed out at 60Hz on mine
HD size: Size 2 -grayed out at size 1 on mine
H size: Size 1 [grayed out] -not grayed out mine