Setup Firefox 3.6.8 to English Language

by eMixtshop - 8/18/10 9:43 PM

In Reply to: firefox language by suziq6638

After spending few hours and testing how to change the language of my Firefox 3.6.8 from Chinese to en-US (English), I come across this only option so far (the about:config trick didn't work for me).

1. Unistall your previous Firefox browser instalation.
2. Go to: Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Change Location -> (set) United States.
3. Find a good proxy or VPN with USA IP.
4. Go to: and download your desired Firefox with your desired language (I chose:
5. Download it and install it.

Note: As far as I understand the Firefox will look about your OS language (mine is the English version), your OS keyboard languages (mine set for US and chinese), OS Control Panel Location (mine was set to USA), and your location at the moment when you execute the download for the Firefox browser app (mine was China but at that time I used a VPN which confirmed my location as USA).



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