Corrected license for Mp3nity

by peterbutler CNET staff - 8/18/10 9:12 AM

In Reply to: You're right. by MarkFlax Moderator

Hello, TDShrwd. Thanks for the alert.

The publisher's site says that it is "fully-functional for free for a long period of time" without mentioning how long that time period is ... but our processing team also added the 30-day limitation, so I'm not sure how the licensing error came about.

This product is clearly "Free to try" with a purchase price. I'll leave the 30-day trial as the limitation for now, and contact the publisher to see if she or he would like to clarify the trial restrictions.

Sorry for the mistake. I'll follow up with our production team to see how it happened. My best guess is that the license changed at some point and wasn't appropriately noted, but it's hard to tell.