Nope - I'ts NOT the Antenna

Forget all the hoopla about the size of the AM antenna as the reason nobody makes pocket-sized MP3 players with AM radio. People who tell you that don't know what they're talking about.

There are lots of small devices that incorporate AM tuners now available. Examples are the Coby CX71-SL, the Coby CX7CLR, the Coby CBCX70, the JWin JXM3S, the Craig Portable Mini AM/FM Radio, and others. The above do not play MP3s, but the point is that they are all quite small, and all have AM capability. So much for the theory that AM antennas are too small to work in pocket-sized players. Ain't so.

A quick Google search turned up two pocket-sized devices that DO have AM/FM tuners and also play MP3s, the Kaito KA800, which also has NOAA weather capability, and the Degen DE1123, which also includes AM/FM, and can play and record MP3s.

I personally would look further for something with more storage than these two devices. But again, all the above offerings prove beyond any doubt that pocket-sized devices can be produced with AM radio included. One popular design is to utilize the earphone cords as the antenna to improve reception beyond what an internal antenna would provide.

I stated in a different post here that it's my contention that the reason more MP3 players don't come with an AM tuner is simply because the majority of the MP3 market isn't interested in talk radio. I stand by that assertion.