touch pad causing jumping cursor

by ferraribeng - 8/1/10 1:55 AM

In Reply to: Jumpy Dell Curser by aburkman

I read many proposed solutions from different people. From my personal experience, I tend to agree that it is likely to be our hands lightly brush through the touch pad.

I have used 3 Dell laptops since 2001. My first was Dell Inspiron 4000. I encountered this annoying problem with it. After I changed the sensitivity setting of the touch pad to be less sensitive to my touch. The problem was gone.

I don't have this annoying problem with my subsequent Dell laptops: Inspiron 6400 and Precision 6400. I have also used my friend's Dell Studio and I didn't encounter the problem. Maybe I have adapted my typing habit with my hands avoiding the touch pads after last 10 years of using laptops.

If there is really hardware issue, do call up your friendly Dell Support. I recently had backlighting failure on my keyboard. They arranged a technicians to come to my office to fixed it. Within 20 minutes, they had the keyboard replaced. I'm now happily using my Dell Precision.

In my part of the world, Dell techinical support is 2nd to none. Maybe a bit troublesome trying to fix the problem over the phone initially. Once they have decided that it is a problem that cannot be fixed over the phone, they will send a technicians to anywhere within Singappore at my convenience and during office hour to repair my laptop.