let me get this right..

by sensibility - 7/23/10 11:25 PM

In Reply to: Am I being ripped off by Geek Squad? by uh0hitsch0w

first off geek squad is in it for the money the local store the guy could not tell me if the usb wifi would run in ubuntu or not..they told me my monitor is fried on the dvi port but a quick forced edid scan fixed this as it was merely locked in sleep by an old nvidia card for 3 years.. next thing i see wrong is why $200 bones for a new hdd when the price of a new 250gb is less than 59.95?? then there is this. how can they backup your current drive if it is GONE??? pay the bench charge get your machine back and replace the drive yourself. its not hard to do and only takes about 20 minutes. as for the virus i prefer eset32 but you have to chose for yourself. now you probably dont have the cd's dont frown yet they can be ordered from the manufacturer you need only the serial number.. this is true for hp dell and gateway. final note i would recommend a travelstar drive made for mobile pc's with higher tolerances pertaining to shock and platter wear..