Same HDMI problems with my pn50b650

by Hfly1 - 7/21/10 8:53 AM

In Reply to: firmware fix? by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I had the same problem, HDMI ports not working, only HDMI/DVI port 2 working. I have a media center PC with and Invidia GS 8400 card and a bd-p1590 Samsung blu-ray player plugged in. The Samsung service rep replaced the main board and noted that the HDMI chip looked like it had gotten hot, because the painted lettering had faded significantly. This repair fixed the problem for about a week. Now ports 1 and 2 show the same input (whatever I have plugged in one shows on source 1 and 2) and ports 3 and 4 only show "no signal" regardless of what I plug into them. The TV recognizes when I turn on the blu-ray player because it changes to that source automatically, but if it is plugged into 3 or 4 it still shows "no signal". I updated to firmware version 1018 but that has not helped. Very frusterating. I've scheduled another service visit and will try the unplugging the TV power and then plugging the two sources back in as described in the other chain entitled "Samsung: HDMI Input Issue - Only One Port Working". The issues described in that chain are exacly the same, we may want to combine them.