Stay away

by mopscare42 - 7/11/10 9:39 PM

In Reply to: Geek Squad by jboomer07

Some of those so called techs at Geek Squad know less than a lot of people using a computer.
I was having a video problem flickering, lines and stuff like that. I took my computer to them just as I was leaving for vacation. I told them I would be gone 10 days and needed the computer as soon as I got home.
I got back, went to BB on the 11th day and they hadn't even looked at the computer. After a heated conversation with the manager, they said they would get right on it. I called them the next day and they said it would be two more days because they had to order a part.
Two days later I called and they said it was ready and they had to replace the graphics card and that was causing the problem. Fair enough, but thought it awful funny BB didn't have a graphics card to begin with.
I got home,plugged the computer in and get a bunch of error messages about the graphics card.
Enough was enough and I pulled the cover off to have a look and turns out the "TECH" at Geek Squad had neglected to hook up the power to the card. Plus the front case fan was unplugged from the motherboard.
I made sure they give me the so called bad graphics card they had replaced.
I installed it in my Granddaughters computer, download new drivers and software from Nvidia and that card worked in her computer until she sold it 2 years later. What the original problem was I haven't a clue.
I still shop and buy from BB, but geek squad will never touch mine or anyone else I know computers.
I know other people who had had similar problems with them.
Those guys must have got their computer training at Whats the matta U.