Geek Squad

by jboomer07 - 7/9/10 9:30 PM

In Reply to: Geek Squad by ChuckRosenthal

Geek Squad is a ripoff, plain and simple. People need to realize that bright lights, great advertising and catchy tunes and words are not a guarantee of good value. There are countless computer repair and support companies in all major US metro areas and the vast majority of them are run by skilled, experienced technicians and honest business men and women. When Big Corp America gets their hands on a business the customer is in trouble. Yes, all businesses are doing what they do to make money but the smaller guys typically don't have shareholders to worry about nor can they afford to be labeled dishonest. They have no choice but to be honest because their business depends on it. One such company is in Dallas, TX - AssureTeks. The guy that runs this company it straight-forward, honest, well spoken and won't just feed you what you want to hear. I contacted him a week ago about my Dell XPS. He contacted me back and asked for the service tag, which I gave him. He told me the unit was still under warranty with Dell and that he cannot get paid from Dell to fix my computer; that I should call them. They ended up replacing the entire unit after one of their techs came out and replaced nearly every part in the computer. He saved me a bundle of money and lost out on some for himself. However, I did need him to transfer my data and re-install apps for me. It gets better - he arrived at my home and explained to me that he could go through the process of transferring my data and re-installing apps, etc. but preferred to try to swap the hard drives since the computers were the same model - it worked! He passed up making money off me that he clearly could have got away with. It seems he is in this business for the long haul and that his reputation is very importatnt to him. He has a loyal customer in me forever and I will refer all my friends and family to him as well.