replacing motherboards

by nailzz - 7/8/10 3:50 PM

In Reply to: OEM licenses... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

I know your trying to help but by telling people they can not replace a motherboard is wrong.Any and all computer components can be replaced.The problem of replacing a motherboard is your operating system is registered to that board.So if its replaced your intial try of recertifing will fail.Getting it to reregister is simply done by using the automated phone service and explaining why the motherboard was replaced,you can use ANY motherboard as a replacement and you will be asked how many times your operating system has been installed,you'll need to anwser correctly or it will fail then you will need a new licence.(Now how I know this I'm a custom system builder and I've been on the phone with microsoft for hours over the years,imputting new systems and fixing older system for customers,I've never had a problem)