Go .. free, at least at first

by diggathedog - 7/8/10 1:41 AM

In Reply to: Godaddy by Rob10

Since you're only starting out, and may well not want to make a future career change to web development (or even long term 'hobby'), I'd recommend you start out simple: pick out a free website maker (there are plenty to choose from, so try out a few), slap together a few pages using a ready-made template then see how it works for you. If your needs are basic (as you said - a page or few and some photos), then keep it simple. Don't go out spending money until you're ready to move onwards and upwards, and have more than a beginners understanding of web coding. Using a simple website builder also has the advantage of hiding the complexities (the code and structure), whilst allowing you to start peeking into the code and build knowledge for a later move to a more complex (or in house) solution.