Re: White Box Cure

by Tufenuf - 7/5/10 3:12 PM

In Reply to: White Box Cure by Seagrave59

There are several ways to access the Catalyst Control Center. You can go to Start>Control Panel and double-click on Display to open the Display Properties box, then click Settings>Advanced>Catalyst Control Center and click the ATI Catalyst Control Center button to launch it. Alternatively, you can right-click on an empty area of the Windows Desktop and select it from the top of the context menu, or use the 'CCC' shortcut placed in your Start>All Programs>Catalyst Control Center menu (or on your Desktop).

The first time you open the CCC you will be asked if you want to use Basic or Advanced view. I strongly recommend selecting the Advanced option and also ticking the 'Dont show this page again' box and clicking Next (and reconfirming if necessary). Basic view is only for extremely novice users and non-gamers, and does not contain the bulk of the settings required to optimize and configure your Catalysts. To confirm that you're in Advanced view, once the ATI CCC opens, click the Views button at the top and you will see the 'Advanced View' item is ticked. The settings of the CCC are each covered in detail below: