Geek Squad

My daughter purchased an extended warranty from Best Buy when she purchased her Toshiba lap top. After approximately 1 year her laptop was making a noise. We brought it to the geek squad at best buy. The tech told her that it sounded like a fan and he would blow out the computer. She was emailed that they could not get the noise to stop and would send it to the main area for fixing computers. Two weeks later she received a phone call telling her her hard drive was replaced. Meanwhile she was never given the opportunity to back up any of her software including the operating system. After numerous phone calls to best buy they told her that her that they drilled a hole in her old hard drive and for $90 they would look into the matter. We paid it and are still waiting for results. The paper she signed off on was in fonts less than 8.5 and they should have called her before they went ahead and replaced her hard drive. By the way their total cost could by up to $2500. They are a rip off.