Not Another Format

by jgreg7 - 6/30/10 9:26 AM

In Reply to: Your goal, their goal. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thank you for your response.

Barnes and Noble has a reader for my iPod touch, however, what I want to avoid is having to build a new library in yet another format.

This puts my library completely at the mercy of the whims of the book seller when they decide to upgrade, or do away with their reader. I already have 138 books in the Microsoft Lit format that I will never be able to read again unless I buy them a second time.

I do not mind paying for the book once, but then I should be able to keep it, and convert it to another format when I need to.

Is there any way to convert these secure books to another format? Or obtain a reader program that supports multiple ebook formats?

Am I the only person that sees a problem with the current system? It seems that wherever I look people are simply converting to the device of the day.