I don't mind paying, but I want to keep what I buy....

by jgreg7 - 6/29/10 10:05 AM

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Thank you for your reply.

To get around all of the proprietary music file formats, I still buy the CD and convert the music to MP3. That gives me portability as the playing devices become obsolete. However, that plan does not work so well with books.

As for PDF, how do I convert the books I purchased to PDF? They all seem to be in a secure file format.

As for the iPad while this is a great device, however I prefer my iPod touch for portability. Do the Kindle books require a specific program to read them? Or can the be read using commercial software such as adobe? I am trying to avoid yet another proprietary software.

I started reading e-books with Microsoft Reader on my Pocket PC back in 2000. My MS Reader library has 138 books in it, which I can not access since I retired my Pocket PC (and my e-book supplied stopped selling in the MS Lit format). I now have 171 books in the eReader format (eReader.com) that I would like to be able to access.

My goal is to have a single library, accessible from a single software.