Tap it a little

by singh.gurjeet - 6/28/10 9:07 AM

In Reply to: FIXED! by JakSmit

For the record...

I own a Samsung SCD103 camcorder, and had this same problem; broad horizontal lines across the screen and irritating static noise too. Took it to a repair shop, and the guy asked $150 because these damn things are so complicated and just opening and reassembling it would take 3 hours, and is a tedious job. I agree with him, but was not ready to part with $150 as I am planning to get off this "tape" recorder and get a new one.

So I came back home, googled this post, and encouraged by the 'shake a little' post above, I tapped my camcorder on all 6 sides and played an older tape, and voila.. it played just fine happy I think it was the head that got misaligned.

After a couple of hours, when I was ready to record the tape that I was actually interested in, my daughter's past two years, the same problem popped up again. so I tapped it a little again and there you go, had the camera working like new again happy That tape is on my computer and in online backups now.

I am not going to get all tapes on to my computer and then buy a new camcorder.

Thanks to the thread... and good luck to you guys