3600 channels .. you dont have time to find?

by Donkeydust - 6/27/10 1:45 PM

In Reply to: As far as i know... by MarkLoranz

Then how will you have time to watch? Can you find 20 or 30 good channels? This would be exciting in it self. I can give you one Comedy central. lots of shows. BNN is another (biz news)and the networks have a bit of stuff. If there are 3600 channels out there I am sure it is easy for a biz man to compile a list just by setting up a user friendly site for people to add their channels. I will look now for such a list.
If this 3600 sounds toooo good to be true...maybe it isnt.
Things that make you go HMMM? #1 that there is a site that is so great as to offer 3600 channels. #2 That it cost $36 for lifetime #3 That one guy didnt buy it and tell 5 friends and they told 5 friends and after about a month there would be like 100 million people watching cause everyone likes to not ahve any cable/satellite bills at all . Hmmm that certainly makes me go Hmmm whats wrong with this picture?