Download Flip video to portable device?

by Clawhammerman - 6/11/10 8:41 PM

In Reply to: Download Flip video to portable device? by alsacelor

I know this is old, but there is a very easy way to do this now. Get the Memorex TravelSync. Plug the Flip in one side, a flash drive in the other. Press a button and files are transferred. Just got mine like a charm. Just remember that 2 hours of video takes up about 8Gb of space, so buy your flash accordingly. I got a 32G flash drive. That's 8 hours on the flash...2 in the camera for a total of 10 hours. You may want more. They also sell the Travellink which reads data cards and is more money. If you want to download to cards just get a usb card reader and use that. I payed less than $10 for mine on Ebay.