same thing here!

by toecheese - 5/16/10 5:34 PM

In Reply to: HDMI Input Issue - Only One Port Working by Muldermj

Yes! Same exact thing here! Had the motherboard replaced 6 weeks ago under warranty and then the problem cleared up only to resurface again last night. The first time it happened, unplugging the TV overnight fixed it, but then that trick never worked again.

The only possibly related cause I can find is the first time I had the problem, it happened shortly after I started keeping a laptop hooked up to the TV's VGA input. Since the TV's motherboard replacement I had used the PC input only occasionally for a minute or two at a time. Then last night was the first time I used the PC input again for a few hours, and the problem reappeared immediately after. I don't know if it's just coincidence or if the PC is somehow frying the TV's circuits. Do any of you who are experiencing this issue also have a PC hooked up?

Here's my setup:

HDMI 1: Dish Network DVR
HDMI 2: Xbox 360
HDMI 3: Sony Blu-Ray
VGA: Compaq Laptop
Component 1: DVD player