A .jpg is a jpg. is a .jpg ...

by Rjsphoto - 5/9/10 9:55 PM

In Reply to: Not enough information given .... by Watzman

A .jpg file created 8 years ago is still a .jpg file. Yes software changes, what was the MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM BEFORE XP? (how many since XP?). Yes different versions of a word processor create different types of documents. However a file created in a camera as a .jpg will be copied to a hard drive as a .jpg.
8 years to 2 years ago .. 6 years is a lot of time. SOME PEOPLE HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH "DEFRAG"!!! It may be impossible to ever find out what caused the problem. Did you use the camera after the 2 years ago? Did it create good images? My suggestion is to find a recovery program and hope for the best.