On line storage

by colingbradley - 5/8/10 5:17 AM

In Reply to: On line storage helps but... by gachbash

I was thinking about a selective set as opposed to the huge number of pictures that are just duplicates or of no special interest.
I shot mostly on Ektachrome or similar and the number of slides that I kept for archive for the first 18 years of my sons life was probably no more than 200 or so.
For the many other situations, the birthday parties and weddings, who is going to be interested in wading through the countless thousands of digital images? Not me and I am pretty sure, not my decendents.
A representative selection from each year should be stored on line.
Security is what you make of it.
If each year you have more than 100 family and friends shots worthy of saving for posterity I would be quite surprised. All the other 3 or 4,000 can be saved as now.
Ask yourself this; How often have you looked through some of the endless folders of events and what did you think?
I would expect that the answer for most of us is rarely for the first and then "I really must edit this lot".
So, I am not saying huge amounts of data, probably no more than 1 or 2Gb a year for the average to keen photographer. For the pics sent to me by my family, 90% are rubbish and not worth considering unless it is the only blurry shot of Granny just before she popped off.