Not so simple

by gachbash - 5/8/10 1:37 AM

In Reply to: Digital Photos stored on a hard drive. by Roy Thorogood

I have like you thousands of family photos (and hundreds of movies) made on "old" good film and paper.
Kodakchrome slides and negatives can be kept for 100 years with no real changes. Well, the BIG problem is to READ (VIEW) these beautiful photos, as the machines are not produced any more.
Like you and many other, I am putting these precious souvenirs in DVD and in Hard Disks.
And now the SAD facts: DVD are NOT reliable and would not last. Hard Disks are fragile and would not last more then few years. So you must back it up many times to be on the safe side. 3 copies on DVDs which should be replaced once a year. 3 copies on different Hard Disks which should be refreshed once a year.
Now we should pray and wait to see what will be the future of our memories when all is digital.
One more fact: Today's photos are all digital and less then 1% is printed on paper. You need computer and electricity power or other MACHINE to VIEW it and to KEEP it. In the future ALL will be digital and this is a big risk.