2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee electrical problems

by carolynjhunt - 5/5/10 4:39 PM

In Reply to: Grand Cherokee Jeep Electrical Problems by jeepkid1

I am the owner of a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo which has around 50,000kms on the clock. My vehicle has been in the dealership workshop for over 3 weeks while they attempt to sort out the multitude of electrical problems it has had. Firstly I had 2 of the electronic windows fail. Some time later as I was driving along all of the lights on the dashboard came on, while the gauges simultaneously failed. The car was still drivable however after I turned off the ignition and tried to re-start it, it would stall after 10 seconds and had to be towed away. This happened three times and when I was finally assured it was merely a loose connection which had been tightened and drove the vehicle away, the same thing recurred. The third time I picked it up from the dealership (a 35 minute drive away from my home)I didn't get more than a block away before I realised that there was something wrong with the automatic transmission. The engine failure light also came on. Needless to say the dealership has had endless trouble trying to get to the heart of the problem and have replaced the automatic controller and insulated an exposed wire, which they claim is at the heart of the problem. This has now cost me over $3,000 - for a car that has been driven carefully, never used for towing and never taken on 4WD tracks. I bought this vehicle to tow a horse trailer and am now quite nervous about connecting up a trailer with my horse on board only to break down many kilometres from home. I am sure the tow truck operator will not be taking my horse on board! Needless to say, I am not impressed by this vehicle and will not buy another Jeep.